Friday, December 9, 2011

Israel - more from November

 Macqueen's Bustard - Nizzana, November 28th, 2011. One of three together. Much sought-after on any trip to Israel. Below, more highlights from the recent Birdfinders trips to Southern Israel.

 Sinai Rosefinch - male, Wadi Mishmar, Dead Sea region, November 25th, 2011. One of a small, confiding party of five birds, including three males. 

Arabian Warbler - male, Hazeva area,  November 25th, 2011. 

 Crowned Sandgrouse - male, Ovda Valley, Eilot region, November 20th, 2011. 

 Black-bellied Sandgrouse - Nizzana, November 28th, 2011.

 Temminck's Lark - male, Ovda Valley, Eilot region, November 20th, 2011. 

Indian Silverbills - Eilat, November 16th, 2011. We saw surprisingly large numbers of these compared to our spring trips. Flocks of 25-30 were encountered from Eilat to Yotvata.

 Whiskered Tern - adult, Nizzana, November 21st, 2011. Given the late date, somewhat surprisingly still almost in full summer plumage. 

Pin-tailed Sandgrouse - part of a large flock of c.1500 birds near Urim, Western Negev. November 28th, 2011.

 Namaqua Dove - juvenile,  Yotvata, Eilot region, November 16th, 2011. The fresh, scaled appearance of this juvenile would suggest relatively recent fledging from a local nest. The adult female was closely attending this juvenile. 


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