Friday, October 28, 2011

MA - Pink-footed Goose again on Friday morning 10/28

This morning (October 28th), I got another positive update on the Pink-footed Goose at the Turner's Falls power canal from Ellisa Rubinstein. Mark Taylor was already watching the bird at 07:45hrs when she arrived, affording 15-20 minutes of excellent views before it departed with just six Canada Geese. Elissa mentioned that the flock headed towards Deerfield so it would certainly scouring the empty cornfields in the greater Deerfield area. Deerfield is only a few miles south (slightly south-west) of Turner's Falls.

Thanks very much to Ellissa for the positive report.

BTW - No geese at all in the favored cornfield at Upinngil Farm this morning.


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