Thursday, October 27, 2011

MA - new, better pics of the Pink-footed Goose - 10/26

Fortunately Chris and Diane Fisher (the couple from Connecticut mentioned in my original post) found me through the internet and kindly sent along their images of the Pink-footed Goose, all taken on the evening of 10/26/11. These shots were taken from the bike path side of the power canal, and not Migratory Way. The images are superb and make a great contribution to the record. They appear here, along with a link to a Google Map created by Chris, with full permission. Thanks very much Chris and Diane!

 Pink-footed Goose - Adult, Turner's Fall power canal, Franklin Co., MA. October 26th, 2011. 
All images appear courtesy of Chris and Diane Fisher.  

Interesting shot at take off showing the striking blue-gray upperwing, and currently the only image we have showing the legs and feet.  

Thanks again to Chris and Diane for their fantastic contribution.


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