Monday, October 24, 2011

MA - Hermit Thrushes - 10/24

Hermit Thrush - first-winter, presumably of the Eastern race C. g. faxoni. Gill yard, Franklin Co., MA. October 24th, 2011.

This morning's damp, cold, foggy dawn was enlivened by the calls of Hermit Thrushes along Main Road in Gill. Several birds were heard in flight and may have been disoriented by the fog. The birds were clearly audible giving soft but piping 'peew' calls. I must have heard 6 - 8 individual birds. After dropping Matan at nursery school, I came home to find a Hermit Thrush calling ( a weezy 'rheeee' and plus 'chup' calls) right outside the kitchen window! It was a feisty first-year bird allowing for a close approach and some nice pics in the morning fog.

No other Catharus thrushes heard this morning after last week's Swainson's Thrush influx.

Also in the yard today, a singing and calling Carolina Wren, the first that we've had in months.


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