Monday, May 6, 2013

MA - first Blue-winged Warbler 05/06

Gill - After a very chilly morning, this afternoon became surprisingly warm, almost hot. A nice and rather unexpected bonus in our yard was a FOY Blue-winged Warbler which flew past me whilst I was trying to get better looks at one of the (now) resident Yellow Warblers. I wasn't too sure that it was a Blue-winged until it gave a burst of the classic 'beee-buzz' song. It then sang a quieter sub-song for the next ten minutes or so successfully eluding my attempts to get a picture. This was not our earliest Blue-winged Warbler though - back in 2011, we had this bird on May 1st;

By way of follow-up to my earlier post concerning a Baltimore Oriole seemingly mimicking a Scott's Oriole song, well this evening I played a sound recording of Scott's Oriole and got an immediate response from the same indivdual Baltimore Oriole. It returned with typical song and calls of Baltimore Oriole. I didn't hear the Scott's Oriole song-type from this bird this evening but will attempt to get a sound recording if I hear it again.

Pictured below, a very approachable White-breasted Nuthatch at Giving Tree School, Gill on May 6th, 2013;

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