Wednesday, May 15, 2013

OH - What?! Another Kirtland's at Magee Marsh!! 05/15

Each new day in NW Ohio seems to upstage the previous one as the Birdfinders tour seems to find itself in the right place at the right time with the most incredible fortune. The day began stormy with winds out of the SW and it was clear from the outset that huge numbers of birds were dropping into and around Magee Marsh. Large flocks of Blue Jays, Cedar Waxwings and Pine Siskins filtered along the Lake Erie shore for most of the first two hours of the morning. The trees and bushes were heaving with American Redstarts, Magnolia Warblers and Northern Parulas. Indeed, during the course of the day we tallied an almighty 27 species of wood-warbler including no less than 22 in the tiny woodlot in the end of Bono Road at Metzger Marsh. Miraculously, another Kirtland's Warbler was found today just 100 yards west of our lunching spot on the beach at Magee. This bird, likely a first-summer male, was a tad brighter than yesterday's female at the East Beach which had apparently been seen again in the morning. To round off yet another brilliant day we enjoyed a female Golden-winged Warbler, an Orange-crowned Warbler and a roosting Eastern Whip-poor-will all in the tiny woodlot at Metzger Marsh.

Canada Warbler - male, Metzger Marsh, NW Ohio.

Kirtland's Warbler - first-summer male, West Beach, Magee Marsh, NW Ohio.

Eastern Whip-poor-will - Metzger Marsh, NW Ohio.

Orange-crowned Warbler - Metzger Marsh, NW Ohio.


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Larry said...

Multiple Kirtland's??? What a trip!