Thursday, May 9, 2013

MA - migrants drop in today 05/09

Gill - There's nothing like a bit of rain and thunder to stir up (or bring down!) migrants after a protracted dry spell. Heavy showers late yesterday moving into the night brought some obvious changes to the migrant situation today but the first bird of note over the yard was a strange one - a female Common Merganser heading SW! All ducks are scarce around our yard and I think this was only our third record of Common Merganser since moving into our current home on Main Road in September 2010. In terms of grounded birds, fresh arrivals included Eastern Kingbird (2), Wood Thrush (1), Ovenbird (1), Northern Parula (2), American Redstart (1) and Gray Catbird (2).

Along Main Road, many songsters included more Wood Thrushes, American Redstarts, Yellow and Black-throated Green Warblers, Great Crested Flycatcher and a single Blackburnian Warbler. And, for the first time this year, singing Savannah Sparrows were heard on North Cross Road and Ben Hale Road but still no looks like I'll miss their arrival as I head for Ohio on Saturday.

American Redstart - male singing, Gill yard, Franklin Co., MA. May 9th, 2013.
This bird and two Northern Parulas spent the whole day singing high up in the maples surrounding the house and proved almost impossible to photograph.

Eastern Kingbird - one of two present, singing and displaying in the yard.
Gill, Franklin Co., MA. May 9th, 2013.

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