Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MA - Evening Grosbeak - 05/01

Evening Grosbeak - female, Gill yard, Franklin Co. MA. May 1st, 2011. A most unexpected but welcome visitor to the feeders at around 12:45hrs. Stayed for perhaps less than five minutes but long enough to snap a few pics through the living room window. Not quite a new 'yard bird', as I heard a single flying over the house in early April but in terms of birds actually at the feeders it doesn't get much better than this - what an absolute cracker!!

Blue-winged Warbler - Gill yard, Franklin Co. MA. May 1st, 2011. Nice find, feeding (quietly) high in the Sugar Maples. Not quite the first of the year locally, but pretty close. I did hear a Blue-winged Warbler singing along Main Road in Gill on April 28th.

Elsewhere in Gill today, an American Kestrel near the Giving Tree Nursery School and a singing Winter Wren on Barney Hale Road.


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