Saturday, May 8, 2010

MA - Chuck-wills-widows - early May

Chuck-wills-widow - Williams' residence, Pharr, TX. April, 2005.

It's looking like my May 4th observation of a daytime Chuck-wills-widow in New Salem may be a less freakish sighting than I first thought. The very same day, John Galluzo reported a bird that gave a brief, but loud burst of song in the middle of the day at Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary in Marshfield, and a day later Kristen Lindquist received a report of a pre-dawn singing bird from Camden, Maine on May 5th. The most recent concerns of report from Peter Trull of another singing bird in East Orleans on May 7th. Interestingly all of these records are earlier than any report given in the Birds of Massachusetts (Veit and and Petersen), where the species is described as "Rare but regular visitor, primarily in spring", with spring records beginning from May 9th.

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