Sunday, March 23, 2014

VT - first Tree Swallows....but 03/23

This morning, Susannah, Matan and I had a drive up to Vernon, VT to, once again, try for the regularly reported wintering drake Barrow's Goldeneye. When we got there, a visiting birder from New York state told us that he'd be stationed by the CT River for two hours with out seeing the Barrow's despite working through the distant flock of Common Goldeneyes present downstream. In the search, it was a real pleasure to see our first swallows of the year hawking over the river, about five  Tree Swallows in all. As we were about to leave, Dave Hof showed up and again we had another scan of the river, again without success. This particular Barrow's continues to be aloof for us. In the mean time Canada Geese were a lot more obvious all over our area today, and Hector Galbraith reported a huge flock of 2500 above Vernon Dam this morning along with about 90 Snow Geese. Much farther south in the valley, Larry Therrien was fortunate enough to find a Pink-footed Goose in Hatfield/Whately in the afternoon. I'm sure we'll get a full report soon on Larry's own blog, but I think congratulations are in order for one of the most active birders in the Pioneer Valley. Well done Larry - hopefully more on that one to follow.

Purple Finch - male, Gill yard, Franklin County, MA. March 23rd, 2014.
Beatifully bright male taken through the glass of the living room window!

Brown-headed Cowbird - male, Gill yard, Franklin County, MA. March 23rd, 2014.

Bald Eagle - adult, Vernon, Windham Co., VT. March 23rd, VT.

Tree Swallow - Vernon, Windham Co., VT. March 23rd, VT.
Mega distant crop of one of five Tree Swallows about 1/2 mile downstream from our viewing point.

At home in Gill, Purple Finches continue to be a feature with several singing males along Main Road including a fine, bright male at our feeders this morning. A pair of Brown-headed Cowbirds were present too, cowbirds being fairly infrequent visitors to our feeders.

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Larry said...

It was a great day yesterday...finally had some time to post about it...lots of fun!