Wednesday, October 2, 2013

MA - kinglets on the move 10/02

Ruby-crowned Kinglets suddenly arrived to Gill in large numbers this morning, or at least that's what my thirty or so minutes on Mountain Road would suggest. I had just enough time for a short walk along the powerline cut before heading out for an appointment at 9am. The place was very busy indeed and leaving me wishing I could have stayed for longer. The distinctive 'jidit' calls of Ruby-crowned Kinglets could be heard as soon as I arrived, and I saw no less than seven in one small Alder amid the dense shrub layers. I estimated 20 Ruby-crowns within the first 200 meters of powerline cut, east of Mountain Road.

All images taken using a Canon Powershot G10 on
Mountain Road, Gill, Franklin Co., MA. October 2nd, 2013;

Ruby-crowned Kinglet and Blue-headed Vireo

Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Golden-crowned Kinglet

With them were many migrants including Blue-headed Vireo, Yellow-rumped, Palm, Blackpoll and Nashville Warblers (2), and plenty of Common Yellowthroats. One of the Nashvilles was exceptionally dull and had me thinking about an eastern Orange-crowned Warbler for a short while until a good look gave good views of its complete eye-ring and relatively plain looking head pattern. Other birds of interest in this all-too-short session included Eastern Towhee (2), Hermit Thrush and Winter Wren.

Nashville Warbler - dull female, probably first-winter.

Common Yellowthroat - male.

Common Yellowthroat

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