Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MA - More on the 'Thayer's-like' Gull at Turner's Falls - 02/23

Unidentified first-cycle gull (left) with American Herring Gulls - This bird, which shares some 'Thayer's-like' characteristics, continues at Turner's Falls without any firm conclusion being drawn on the identification. We are lacking good images of the spread wing and tail pattern though these features have been seen to show a Thayer's-type pattern in the field. One of the biggest concerns is size as this bird often appears as large or fractionally larger than many of the American Herring Gulls present at the site, and Thayer's should average smaller and slighter. But, I'm beginning to wonder about the judgement of size in the field as the bird doesn't look absurdly large in any of the images within this selection. Also included here, several shots taken during a snowstorm on Feb 18th.

Naturally, I'd be interested in receiving any comments on this bird, especially from birders currently having regular sightings of Thayer's in thier normal winter range.

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