Thursday, February 26, 2009

CT - presumed adult Nelson's Gull - 02/26

Spent four hours at Windsor/Bloomfield Landfill today. As usual, an overwhelming experience with about 5,000 birds present at peak. Lots to see and quite a few birds that I left unidentified!

This very interesting adult was the first bird that really caught my attention being large and pale with rather reduced amounts of black in the primaries. Closer inspection revealed the primary tips to be dark slaty-gray rather than jet-black, similar to some adult Kumlien's Gulls. In fact, the overall appearance, especially in flight was not unlike a huge Kumlien's Gull. The bird was larger than most American Herring Gulls present. The combination of characters, including a pale lemon eye color all seem to point towards an adult Nelson's Gull (Glaucous x American Herring hybrid).

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