Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rusty Blackbirds and more, Hadley - 12/14

A final batch of images from the excellent Northampton CBC in the company of Scott Surner, Brian Kane and Lisa Rock. A group of over 40 Rusty Blackbirds was certainly another highlight from the count, these birds were also at Hadley Cove. We also managed good views of two Eastern Screech Owls (one gray phase, one red phase) in a predawn owling session in Amherst.

Eastern Screech Owl - 'red' phase. Amherst. Digibin record shot taken using a relatively 'soft' spotlight and no flash.

Eastern Screech Owl - 'gray' phase. Amherst, Umass Campus. Digibin record shot.

Rusty Blackbirds with some Red-winged Blackbirds, Hadley Cove.

American Tree Sparrow - Hadley. Plentiful in much of our count area.

Lapland Longspurs - Two birds seen well along the Aqua Vitae Road, Hadley.

Canada and Snow Geese - part of the dense mass of c. 2,000 Canada Geese resting on the Connecticut River at Hadley Cove. The Snow Geese can just be made out behind the main body of the flock.

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