Sunday, December 7, 2008

Richardson's Cackling Goose, Turner's Falls - 12/06

Finally a Cackling Goose at Turner's Falls! Despite frequent checks of the rather large numbers of loafing Canada Geese on the power canal throughout the fall, I didn't see a single Cackler until today. Had I not stayed until a bit later than planned, it could have been missed altogether and I only picked it up on my third scope scan of the 750 Canada Geese present. Most of the flock had been roosting or facing away from me, making life difficult to say the least for spotting Cackling Geese. Luckily the bird perked up and ended up swimming down river, right towards me. Clearly a different individual to the recent bird frequenting UMass Amherst, with a lighter breast, narrower white cheek, and much more obvious white tips to the greater coverts forming a nice bar on the folded wings.


Nice flock of Common Goldeneyes present as well. No Barrow's yet.

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