Sunday, October 12, 2008

European Golden Plover, ME - Update Oct 12th

It would appear that, despite a concerted effort by many birders, the European Golden Plover was not relocated today. Since posting last night, quite a few other details have emerged which emphasized just how lucky we really were yesterday! Although we couldn't have known at the time, it appears that the plover wasn't seen at all between 10am and 3:00pm. So, having left the apartment on a positive update and arrived at Scarborough Marsh when the bird had just been relocated, we'd assumed (quite incorrectly) that the bird had consistently been in view for much of the day. Clearly that wasn't the case. We're therefore very grateful to the huge effort put in by yesterday's on-site birders to relocate the European Golden Plover.

In addition, I should apologize for calling the bird 'Eurasian' rather than 'European' Golden Plover in my original blog entry (now corrected). Both the ABA and the BOU refer to this species as European Golden Plover - whatever was I thinking?

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