Monday, October 27, 2008

Cackling Goose - Hatfield, Oct 27th.

Presumed 'Richardson's Cackling Goose - In each image the Cackling Goose is second from the left. Useful pointers include the tiny size, rather pale breast and underparts, plus more importantly, the eye catching broad white-cheek patch and short black neck sock.

Another busy morning in Hatfield. Lots of activity, especially amongst sparrows, but I think the highlight would have to be this flyover 'Richardson's' Cackling Goose heading South with just six Canada Geese at 09:38 am. Strikingly small and identifiable as a Cackler with the naked eye, thus allowing me to get the camera ready for digibin shots before it had gone through. Luckily, this was the closest group of geese that I'd had all morning with 250-300 Canada Geese moving South-west from sunrise onwards, but none of them especially close. Some of these settled to feed somewhere West of Hatfield though I didn't chase them down. The group containing the Cackler however, headed due South showing no interest in feeding and behaved as if in migration. We shall see what the next few days bring. All in all, very cool to see this one flying over recalling this flyover from nearby Hadley in Nov 2006.

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