Wednesday, January 2, 2008

and still more Pine Grosbeaks, Franklin Co., MA - January 2nd.

Two images of one of the three bright russet birds present.

Male Pine Grosbeaks - blending in beautifully with their surroundings. Two males are visible in this image.

Male Pine Grosbeak - this male, which looked like a full adult, had a number of russet uppertail coverts.

Eight birds (two male, 3 female/first winter, and 3 russet female/first winter) feeding on Crab Apples at close range in Unity Park, Turner's Falls. I must say, it's a very nice feeling to look into a local Crab Apple tree and have a really good chance of finding Pine Grosbeaks!
Also in snowbound Unity Park, a Ruby-crowned Kinglet and a Brown Creeper. At home, good numbers of American Robins and Cedar Waxwings on North Whitney Street, plus single Pileated Woodpecker and Pine Siskin. Wonderful winter birding!



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