Friday, March 22, 2013

Eilat - March 21st

Another stellar day including more raptor migration in the Eilat Mountains along with a superb male Hooded Wheatear. Ein Evrona had quite a few migrants including numerous Eastern Bonelli's and Ruppell's Warblers, with mammalian highlights including Dorcas Gazelle and a couple of Cape Hares. In the afternoon we spent time in the beautiful Yotvata dunes where we eventually tracked down a singing male Hoopoe Lark, probably the same bird that eluded our first group last week. Migrant wheatears were plentiful here with over 25 birds in total including Isabelline, Northern and Black-eared Wheatears, plus a couple of challenging birds that couldn't be determined, one of which may have been a female Pied Wheatear.

We finished off the day at Eilat's north beach where we found a gentle southern breeze coming in off the sea. New birds for the tour included Baltic and White-eyed Gulls, Gull-billed, Sandwich and Common Terns, Arctic Skua (two heading north), Purple Heron (nine migrants high overhead), and three Pied Kingfishers - not too shabby!

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