Friday, March 22, 2013

Eilat - back on form

March 22nd - Birdfinders had a spectacular day in and around Eilat. Warm winds from the south kicked up sandstorm conditions north of Eliphaz so we concentrated on the Eilat area beginning with a short session at the North Beach. Three Arctic Skuas and five Common Terns hinted at the possibilities to come and we vowed to return later in the afternoon. In the mean time we spent time on the canal zone south of Km20, eventually finding our much sought after Dead Sea Sparrows. The canal area was actually alive with quality birds and within an hour we'd notched up Eastern Imperial Eagle (2nd cal-year), Spotted and Little Crakes, Citrine Wagtail and Indian Silverbill.

Late afternoon found us back at the North Beach finding an extra-ordinarily early White-cheeked Tern among increased numbers of Common, Sandwich and Caspian Terns. We hadn't been there long when news filtered through of a Caspian Plover at Km20 leaving us little choice but to go for it. We finished off an amazing day with stunning pair of Lichtenstein's Sandgouse coming into a drinking hole at dusk.

 Late afternoon at Km20 - birders twitching the first Caspian Plover of the spring. 

 Caspian Plover - male, K20, Eilat.

White-cheeked Tern - first summer with Sandwich Tern (left) and Common Tern (right).

Lichtenstein's Sandgouse - female at dusk, Eilat.

Lichtenstein's Sandgouse - male at dusk, Eilat.
Citrine Wagtail - male, Km20/19, Eilat.
Little Crake - female, Km20/19 canal zone, Eilat.

Spotted Crake - Km20/19 canal zone, Eilat.


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