Sunday, December 9, 2012

MA - another lively run - 12/09

This morning's run in Gill (beginning predawn with a Barred Owl calling close to our yard) was full of signs of irruptive finches with Common Redpolls in small flocks on Boyle Street, North Cross Road, Munns Ferry Road, and over our place on Main Road. There was also at least one White-winged Crossbill calling on North Cross Road. and Pine Grosbeaks at Munns Ferry Road with a small flock of them in the tall spruces across the street from Giving Tree School. I've been having Pine Grosbeaks almost daily at the latter location and I'm pretty sure they roost in the stand of tall spruce there. Curiously, after a good showing in the fall, Pine Siskins seem to have tapered altogether.

At home in the yard, both Winter and Carolina Wrens and an ever growing flock of American Tree Sparrows, several of which were singing yesterday afternoon.


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