Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MA - more Gill obs

A calling Evening Grosbeak flew NNW over the yard this 'evening' at about 17:20hrs perhaps heading off to roost. A nice observation to say the least, being only the second for our yard and my first in Massachusetts this year, though nowhere near as co-operative as the first in our yard back in May 2011. Otherwise it was pretty quiet except for about 4 Common Yellowthroats and a Gray Catbird in the weedy vegetation.

At Giving Tree School this afternoon, a couple of Eastern Phoebes, Blackpoll and Yellow-rumped Warblers formed a lose feeding flock and there was an American Kestrel perched up, looking somewhat bedraggled in the rain.

In my earlier post today, I neglected to mention good numbers of Golden-crowned and Ruby-crowned Kinglets on our neighbor's property off Mountain Road from Sep 30th, and also forgot to mention an Eastern Towhee in our yard for most of last week (to Sep 29th) and a single flock of 36 migrating Blue Jays over the yard on Sep 28th.


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