Tuesday, September 4, 2012

MA - Basement Yellowthroat - 09/03

Labor Day was beautifully crisp and clear from mid-morning onwards. Similar to previous mornings, Red-breasted Nuthatches and Purple Finches vied for attention with well over a dozen of the latter around our home on Main Road, Gill. Less expected was a surprise visitor - a Common Yellowthroat had somehow found its way into our basement and wasn't too difficult to catch by hand. Matan, quite naturally, was thrilled to see a yellowthroat up close and personal, and equally thrilled to release it into the yard.

 Common Yellowthroat - Gill, MA. September 3rd, 2012. Found stranded in the basement.

Matan examines a feather dropped by the yellowthroat whilst Mom goes into professional mode. On release the bird flew off strongly 'cursing' all the way into the vegetation.


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