Tuesday, September 4, 2012

MA - Audubon' Shearwaters - 08/26

Yet another highlight from the BBC Extreme Pelagic on August 25th/26th. We had excellent views of three individual Audubon's Shearwaters on the 26th, though these numbers were rather lower than might have been expected on a typical late August deep water pelagic off Massachusetts. Still, the quality of the views and the comparisons drawn between these and the Barolo Shearwater(s) seen earlier in the day more than made up for the small numbers of Audubon's. Digi-bin images taken using Leica 8x42 bins and Canon Powershot A590.

Audubon's Shearwater -  exact location?, Massachusetts waters, August 26th, 2012. One of two Audubon's giving excellent views on the return journey towards Nantucket shoals. Compared to the Barolo Shearwater (below) seen earlier in the day, the Audubon's appears much darker below, especially on the underside of the longish tail, the wing margins and the neck sides. The Barolo appears much whiter below in all aspects with the white undertail coverts almost reaching the tip of the tail. Although difficult to see in this poor record shot, the bill of the Barolo Shearwater is also smaller and finer than Audubon's. What a rare treat to have wonderful views of both of these species in the same day!


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