Friday, September 2, 2011

MA - yellowlegs and waterthrush - 09/02

A few casual observations from the day revealing more cool birds in our local area (Gill). Swung by Barton Cove this morning, again finding no sign of the phalarope from August 31st but 4 Lesser and 1 Greater Yellowlegs were really nice. The birds fed briefly in the shallows off Riverview Drive but without enough muddy margins to keep them there, they moved quickly on down river. A Purple Finch was calling from the same spot, and there was another Purple Finch, this time a singing bird, in our yard around noon. Yard bird of the day was a nice Northern Waterthrush this evening, located by call in the Alder patch.

Elsewhere, an unidentified cuckoo in flight over Rt 2 in Greenfield, and an Indigo Bunting still singing at Upinngil Farm this evening. Great stuff!


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