Saturday, May 24, 2008

Alder Flycatcher - May 23rd

Alder Flycatcher - Central Quabbin, Franklin Co., MA. This bird wasn't singing but frequently gave a sharp 'pip' call, quite similar to the 'kip' of Western Kingbird.

Blue-winged Warbler - Central Quabbin, Franklin Co., MA.

May 23rd - Another fine morning in the Quabbin, though a little breezy at times. Pleased to see the Alder Flycatcher, my first of the year and about a week later than I usually find the FOY. The Blue-winged Warbler was singing an alternate song-type that kept me on my toes for a little while until I got a good clean look at him.

Today (May 24th), 2 singing male migrant Blackpoll Warblers could be heard in Wildwood Cemetery, Amherst which are always nice to have locally.



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