Tuesday, February 9, 2016

MA - yikes, Waxwings!!

Had a quick spin around Turner's Falls this morning finding my first Fish Crow of the spring close to the breeding site near Cumberland Farms gas station, and then an enormous flock of 335 Cedar Waxwings at Unity Park. No Bohemians that I could detect but study of the photos might turn one up. Certainly, I didn't hear anything other than Cedar Waxwings calling. Most of the flock headed for downtown Turner's.

 Cedar Waxwings - Unity Park, Turner's Falls, Franklin Co., MA. February 9th, 2016.
A small portion of the 335 counted, the largest single flock that I've seen in Franklin County. 

Bufflehead - male, Unity Park, Turner's Falls, Franklin Co., MA. February 3rd, 2016.
Nice drake lingering since Feb 3rd. 

Other than that, almost no gulls present but a few long staying ducks including the female Lesser Scaup (since Jan 6th) and the drake Bufflehead (since Feb 3rd). Nice to be looking at something other than gulls!

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