Friday, October 30, 2015

MA - Gadwalls spearhead interesting morning

Although I had to deal with some car issues throughout the morning I managed to squeeze in some birding between appointments. It was cold and blustery with winds in the NW quarter and there appeared to be plenty of birds moving. The morning got off to a great start with a tight flock of 11 Gadwall among the Canada Geese at Barton Cove though little else was present and last night's Bonaparte's Gull had already moved on.

Gadwall - 11 birds, Barton Cove, Gill Franklin Co., MA. October 30th, 2015.
The largest single flock of Gadwall that I've encountered in Franklin County. 

While my car was being worked on, I picked a spot off Route 2A in Greenfield overlooking an old sandpit. Although my view to the east and south was blocked, I had a decent amount of horizon to the west and north, and soon noticed large flocks of American Robins moving SW, along with some Cedar Waxwings (55), Red-winged Blackbirds and Common Grackles. Scarcer species included a party of 3 Rusty Blackbirds and 2 calling Evening Grosbeaks.

Rusty Blackbird - one of three moving SW over Route 2A in Greenfield, Franklin Co., MA. October 30th, 2015. 
Token record shot. The other two birds appear in the same frame but couldn't be squeezed into this heavy crop. 

Greater (left two birds) and Lesser Scaups - Turner's Falls power canal, Franklin Co., MA. October 30th, 2015. 

Meanwhile, at Turner's Falls, a flock of 18 Pine Siskins flew straight over Avenue A in downtown Turners in mid-morning, and the 2 Greater Scaup continued at the power canal, this time joined by the long staying Lesser Scaup.

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