Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MI - Kirtland's in the snow

We had just a single morning to try for Kirtland's Warbler near Grayling so were not too pleased to wake up to 32 degrees fahrenheit and fresh snow! Our chosen site was eerily quiet when we first arrived at 7am but as the sun broke through the clouds the first bursts of Kirtland Warbler song could be heard across the Jack Pines. By 8am singing males seemed to be all around us despite the bitter cold. On a tour that included no less than 31 species of North American warbler, this species (and the experience) was the highlight of the trip for me, hands-down.

Kirtland's Warlber - male, east of Grayling, MI. May 16th, 2014. 
Exceedingly rare and exceedingly beautiful. 

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