Monday, June 3, 2013

MA - Semi-plover 06/03

Common Loon - Barton Cove, Gill, Franklin Co., MA. June 3rd 2013.

The last few days have been distinctly hot with winds in the southern quarter. Overall, the feeling has been of spring migration tapering as one might expect in early June. But last night's storms followed by a gloomy morning were still enough to send me down to Barton Cove looking for a few late spring stragglers. Aside from a lingering Common Loon, the cove seemed to be VERY quiet. Then, just as I was pulling out from the public boat ramp, a movement on the grass close to shore caught my eye. It was a handsome breeding plumage Semi-palmated Plover furtively walking to short grasses looking remarkably unobtrusive for such a strikingly marked bird. With fine weather in the forecast for the next two days, there's some chance that this will be the last 'tundra-bound' shorebird that I see at Barton Cove this spring - but we shall see.

 Semi-palmated Plover - Barton Cove public boat ramp, Gill, Franklin Co., MA. June 3rd 2013.


Larry said...

We had the same idea this morning with the weather! I hoped for a tern of some sort but no luck. However I did have a late Horned Grebe at Winsor only June record in western Mass (my latest sighting before today was late April!)

Larry said...

Nice photos of the Semipal!

James P. Smith said...

Yes...I saw your post Larry - that's a fantastic June record and not one I would have predicted for that date.

Nice one.


Larry said...

I certainly did not expect to find a Horned Grebe on that date but you never know what you will find at Quabbin!