Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Israel bound 11/14

My last post before heading out to Israel for a couple of weeks with Birdfinders. 

Gill - This morning produced a couple of cool surprises in the yard, namely a Winter Wren and a calling Pine Grosbeak, the latter very much part of the current incursion of irruptive northern finches. 

Barred Owl mania goes on with a pair on Barney Hale Road at about 03:40 hours on Nov 10th and one in a yard on Boyle Street on the evening of Nov 11th. Close to the same yard on Nov 12th was a hunting juvenile Northern Harrier, and there was a Peregrine near Upinngil on the same date.

Elsewhere Winter Wrens and American Woodcocks have been present on most days on our neighbor's property off Mountain Road. 


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Larry said...

Have fun over there.