Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Barolo Shearwater - north of Oceanographers Canyon, MA. August 26th, 2012. The bird above was initially spotted by Nick Bonomo just after dawn, and was the best wake-up call imaginable for everybody on board on the Helen H! It put on a tremendous show wheeling around the chum-slick for several minutes only to be followed by another, or perhaps the same about 90 minutes later. I did rather badly at getting any decent digi-bin shots of this fast moving shearwater, but felt happy to come away with a few record shots of such a 'mega' rarity. The image above was taken at 06:11 hrs, and the two below, possibly of a second individual, were taken at 07:44hrs. Images taken using Leica 8x42 bins and a Canon Powershot A 590. More from the 'BBC Dream Pelagic' to follow.

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