Tuesday, January 24, 2012

AZ - Rufous-capped Warblers - 01/10

January 10th marked our second attempt within a week at trying to see Rufous-capped Warblers in Florida Canyon. It was no hardship to go back. It's a lovely place filled with plenty of birds of interest. As for the warblers, well these birds (apparently a pair) gave us the run around for the best part of the morning until we finally found them in the extreme upper reaches of the canyon. The spot was a small oak cluster next to the river bed, a place which had already given us Painted Redstart, Red-naped Sapsucker and three Olive Warblers before the Rufous-capped Warblers were finally heard calling from grasses on the hillside. From this moment on we were treated to excellent, close range views as the birds moved down stream. Farther down the canyon, the remainder of our group who'd decided not to venture any further were treated to good views of a Rufous-backed Robin - our third of the tour!

All pics taken with a Panasonic Lumix FZ40;

This is more or less how I expected to see the Rufous-capped Warblers - skulking and difficult to observe.

But I wasn't quite ready for this! Prolonged views of an inquisitive little sprite, more than enough to brighten up any January day.


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Larry said...

Love those Rufous-capped Warblers. I had one in Florida Canyon a coule years ago and seeing the post brings me back to there again.


I hope it sticks around this spring for me to get to see it again out there.