Thursday, December 1, 2011

Israel - Red-flanked Beauty - Nov 19th.

Just back from two phenomenal autumn migration weeks in Israel with Birdfinders. November, the month of 'infinite possibility', more than lived up to its reputation producing a slew of rare and scarce birds of Asian descent. This stunning Red-flanked Bluetail, initially found by Birdfinders tour participants Simon Ingram and Martin Wolinski, furnished only the second National record for Israel, instantly becoming the first truly twitchable example in the country. The first record was found by Barak Granit in the Galilee region, way back in January 1996

Red-flanked Bluetail - first-winter, Eilat Cemetery, Israel. November 19th, 2011.

Eurasian Woodcock - sharing the cemetery with the Red-flanked Bluetail and another nice surprise for the Birdfinders group. Rare as far south as Eilat.

Much more to come from an incredible two weeks in Israel...............................


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Larry said...

What a great find! Always nice to find something rare, especially if others get a chance to get it too.