Sunday, November 6, 2011

MA - yard Snow Bunting - 11/05

The day began in the nicest possible way with a Great Horned Owl calling well before dawn. A little later a Snow Bunting flew over calling and heading SW, especially audible in the predawn darkness. We've heard and seen Snow Buntings close to home before, but haven't had one directly over the yard until today.

Belted Kingfisher - Turner's Falls, Franklin Co., MA. November 5th, 2011.

In the afternoon, I took Matan for a ride down to the bike path at the Turner's Falls power canal. It felt good to finally get a shot of this lingering Belted Kingfisher, present for a while but a little camera shy. Scott Surner, Ian Davies and Jacob Drucker were there hoping to get a little more detail on the possible Brewer's Blackbird that I saw on Nov 2nd, but apparently didn't meet with success, nor did they see any Rusty Blackbirds.

Returning home, Matan and I were greeted by the Great Horned Owl calling close to the house at dusk. 


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