Sunday, December 12, 2010

MA - Pine Siskin (green morph) - 12/10

Pine Siskin - green morph (images 1 - 7), last shot included to show yellow undertail coverts. Gill, Franklin Co., MA. December 10th, 2010. Images taken using Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ 7 through Swarovski HD scope.

Pine Siskin - two more typically plumaged birds. Gill, Franklin Co, MA. December 10th, 2010.

A few more shots of one of the green morphs visiting the feeders. The Pine Siskin flock size was a bit reduced today with perhaps no more than 15 birds.



Hilke Breder said...

Nice shots! I am still waiting for Pine Siskins to show up at my feeder in VT, although once they arrive they can really eat you out of house and home :-)

JRandSue said...

Great looking Images James,fantastic sharp detail,i might invest in a new camera,great results.
Very impressed.

James P. Smith said...

Hi Hilke,

Not sure where your birds? My flock went AWOL yesterday but are back again in force today with big numbers of goldfinches. There's about sixty birds on my thistle feeders right now (11:25 on Dec 14th). Hope you get some soon.