Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NJ - Connecticut Warbler - 10/02

Connecticut Warbler - Higbee Beach, Cape May, NJ. October 2nd, 2010. Yellow underparts (accentuated by early morning sunlight) but with distinct hooded appearance. Note especially long undertail coverts almost reaching to the tip of the tail and the pinkish feet. Digi-bin shot taken using Canon Powershot A560 through Leica Trinovid 8 x 30 binoculars.

Apologies for another long pause between posts. Just back from tour leading in Cape May, a volatile week weather-wise but excellent birding all the same. Our group was fortunate to have a wonderful 'flight' of warblers at Higbee Beach on the very last morning of the trip. It was more or less none stop action from first light until about 10am, when I estimated that we'd seen about 1500 warblers passing the dike. However, the official count for the day (October 2nd) was closer to 12,000 warblers, the bulk being Yellow-rumped Warblers!

I didn't have too much success with digi-bin shots but managed to get something on the first of two Connecticut Warblers seen during the morning.

More to come from Cape May - JPS


Larry said...

Nice to see you back. A flight shot of a Connecticut? Now that is something you don't see often at all. Nice shot.

James P. Smith said...

Thanks Larry. It's good to be back in 'the valley'. We saw about 7 CT Warblers in Cape May, all of them in flight passing the dike at Higbee Beach. Needless to say, I was delighted to get an digi-bin image of just one of them. See you in the field soon.