Friday, November 7, 2008

Hadley Am. Golden Plovers - Nov 7th

Took a quick spin around a few sites in Hadley during mid-morning. Great conditions, really warm, overcast skies and almost windless. Much to my surprise, the three juvenile American Golden Plovers found by Harvey Allen last Sunday on East Hadley Road were still present, initially feeding very close to the road. Otherwise, numbers of other species were much reduced here - only 17 Killdeer, 6 American Pipits and no gulls of any kind. Just down the road, the Aqua Vitae road fields were full of birds. Many Savannah and Song Sparrows, and a decent flock of White-throated Sparrows. Two large flocks of American Goldfinch totaled around 180 birds. Flyovers included 30 Horned Larks, 1 Snow Bunting and a lone Lapland Longspur. The Hadley Honey Pot held a small flock of Canada Geese and about 150 Horned Larks. The latter didn't seem to have anything less usual with them but would be worthy of further scrutiny in the next few days.

American Golden Plovers - three juveniles feeding with Killdeer.

American Goldfinch - large numbers (c.180) found feeding in weedy
fallow strips between fields on the Aqua Vite road.

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