Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A few more pics from Arizona (Birdfinders '08)

More images from the 2,500 mile tour of Arizona with Birdfinders.

California Condor - Grand Canyon, South Rim. 08/05/08.

Lucifer Hummingbird - Adult male, Ash Canyon B & B, near Sierra Vista. 07/29/08.

Broad-billed Hummingbird - Adult male, Patagonia Lake State Park, 07/28/08.

Vermilion Flycatcher - Adult male, Patagonia Lake State Park, 07/28/08.

Thick-billed Kingbird - Adult, Patagonia. 07/28/08.

Short-tailed Hawk - Light morph, Upper Carr Canyon, near Sierra Vista. 08/01/08.

Townsend's Solitaire - South Fork, White Mountains. 08/03/08.

Mountain Bluebird - Adult, Sipe WMA, White Mountains. 08/04/08.

Mississippi Kite - Sub-adult, St. David. 08/02/08.


Shellmo said...

Loved seeing the birds in flight!

Kathiesbirds said...

Man, you have been all over my territory seeing birds I have yet to see! Wonderful! It looks like you have had a great time! I'd love to see a Lucifer hummingbird or a thick-billed kingbird. I guess it's time for another trip to Patagonia!