Saturday, December 22, 2007

Harlan's type Redtail, Maricopa County, AZ - 12/20/07

Harlan's Hawk - 1 (probable) adult dark morph or at least a candidate -
at Intersection of Val Vista and E.Chandler Roads in the ever growing
SE part of Phoenix. This looked very good to me, with about 9 other
Red-tails(including dark-morphs)in that area for comparison.
Field appearance actuallylooked closer to dark Rough-legged Hawk
than Red-tail with near white tail with subtle diffuse dark
sub-terminal band. In these shots the tail appears near
translucent with a creamy tone which wasn't that noticeable in
the field. All of these are digibin images.

Other birds of interest seen on my travels today;

Cattle Egret - 3 with cattle at intersection of Riggs/Ellesworth Roads.

Ferrunginous Hawk - 1 light morph perched on Utility poles on Riggs Road
nearAlma School Road intersection. Nice bird, unfortunately couldn't find
a parking spot to get some shots.

White-winged Dove - 1 in a yard with Collard Doves next to Pima Park
on McQueen Street. I think scarce in mid-winter.

Northern Parula - A known bird discovered a week or so ago.
Showing very well in small cottonwood stand by pond 1 at the well
watched Gilbert Water Ranch Riparian Preserve. All of these
are digibin images.

Red Crossbill - 1 flew over calling at Gilbert Water Ranch Riparian
Preserve at about 13:00hrs. Looked like a young male and appeared to
land near the restrooms in the center of the preserve, perhaps dropping
into one of the pools to drink? I couldn't find it again but it could
be worth keeping an eye open for.

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